Participating in academic architectural contests allows future architects to get use to the development of this kind of events, which have been gaining popularity in the past few years inside the professional architectural world and will be an obligated step to take for any graduated architect who wants to get involved with important assignments.

Academic competitions are organized under the same conditions as professional competitions are, and a jury composed by different field experts will vote the winner projects according to each contest criteria.

Participating in this events does not only offer the chance of winning cash prizes, get your work published, provide value to your personal portfolio, and get feedback from professional architects, but also allows participants to compare their work with the proposals submitted by other teams from different parts of the world and get a global idea of what their real level is, the trends that architectural education might be taking in other countries, the level of their presentations, etc.

Don’t forget either that the major architects studios are always looking for new talents to incorporate into their teams. New minds with innovating and creative ideas that will contribute with new opinions to their projects, sometimes even the ones of international scope.

Academic competitions are an excellent showcase for these headhunters, and a great opportunity for those willing to show them their talent and display their abilities. No matter how good and well presented your portfolio is, a sample of your work performed during the course of an official competition will be your best letter of recommendation!