ArchMedium has been founded by two Architecture students at the University of Barcelona. The idea for the project is the result of a variety of circumstances and consequences that spontaneously came together to give a probably much more promising result than if otherwise carefully planned.

The team is formed by Gaston Saboulard and Guillermo Carone.

Guillermo had been on several trips traveling around the world for the last four years, some for pleasure, others dedicated to study, and on those trips he learned to appreciate the different ways each culture has of understanding architecture and especially the way architecture should be taught.

He then started searching for a student’s architecture competition that allowed him to compare his knowledge and way of doing when it came to terms of building design with other students from different countries and cultures, but he couldn’t fount one that fulfilled his objectives of bringing together people from different cultures, allowing only students to participate and propose issues of current architectural interest.

For the last couple of years Gastón had been looking for a project to work on that will help him take his work beyond the classrooms and acquire other non strictly academic know ledges.

After several years living in Spain he felt the need of participating in any international architecture project in which knowledge and ways of working could be exchanged and will help him to bring together his current studies in Barcelona with his origins in Buenos Aires.

The union of the two resulted in a balanced, multidisciplinary team, where each contributes with their knowledge, contacts and energy to make this project succeed and serve as a reference to a bigger number of students each day, while both continue to learn and have fun in the process.

It would be unfair to end the story without saying that this would not have been possible without all contributions we received from friends and classmates, teachers and businesses. To all of them, Thank you!

Gastón Saboulard
Gastón Saboulard
  • Graduated from Westminster School in Banfield
  • Professional video editor and composer. Digital 1 Producer.  Buenos Aires
  • Began his Architecture studies at the UBA (Buenos Aires)
  • Currently and Architecture student in Barcelona
  • Founder of Renders producer_D1imagen